Buy your ticket soon to get it for the best price and avoid the risk of sold out. The tickets with colors or colors and t-shirt included are the best deal since there is a 30% discount with respect to buying the same items on the day of the Festival.
If you come from out of town you can check the travel packages from Festicket, where you can book also the flight and the hotel together with your ticket.
Check also the Specials below, we may add some Premium upgrades for your ticket that can be purchased separately later, so make sure to check again before the event.

When do I get the Colors and the T-Shirt?

If you get one of the tickets with the colors or the t-shirt keep your ticket after entering the Festival area. Just after the entrance you will see a stand with our staff and by showing your Color Explosion or Holi Experience ticket you can get the colors/t-shirt!

Thanks to our collaboration with local Universities and Schools, we have some limited special tickets for all their members with a valid Student e-mail!
For the price of a simple entrance ticket you also get the color powder for free, but you must show your Student Card at the entrance or the ticket is not valid. The ticket can only be sent to a Student e-mail so make sure yours is active before ordering it.
Available Soon