You can buy the tickets from the Ticket page of your city, we will notify you in advance when the ticket sale is about to start. You can join our newsletter and like our Facebook page to be always up to date.
Yes, the colors can be easily washed away with water and normal soap or shampoo. In rare occasions, the colors can stick more to previously damaged or bleached hairs, in that case they will just go away naturally after few days or with repeated washing. No special product is needed.
Yes, it is tested and certified safe according to European regulations, in particular it is not flammable and it is approved by the Dutch fire department. Nevertheless, we dissuade people with respiratory problems (like asthma) or allergic to corn to attend the festival.
The color powders can be removed from your clothes with a simple wash. A small trace may remain, depending on the material, especially visible on light clothes. The liquid paint can be harder to wash away depending on the material so don't wear your best clothes if you plan to go in the liquid paints area.
You are allowed to bring digital cameras with normal lenses, camera phones, disposable devices and GoPros. If you would like to bring an SLR, DSLR, or any other professional camera for photos or videos you should apply for a license on the Press page.
The Festival is open to all ages.

Drinking alcohol is allowed only to 18+. All 18+ people will receive a special wristband at the entrance.
Yes, we will have a great variety of food and drinks in the festival area. It is not allowed to bring food and drinks from outside, especially not glass bottles or containers, for safety reasons. More info on the Foodtruck Court page.
You can get it directly at the festival area. If you get it with the ticket, you will be able to pick it up at the colors stands after entering the festival.
No, this is not possible. Your safety and the environment are our top priority so we can allow only tested and certified color powder in the festival area. You will be able to get it at our colors stands.
The tickets are sold mainly through this website, only if there are tickets left they will be sold at the entrance. Usually the tickets finishes very fast so we advise to get a ticket in advance if you plan to attend the festival.
We can deliver our tested and certified powders anywhere within Europe and we can make special arrangements outside Europe too. Contact us on the License page to receive more info about our Colors and the possibilities to become a Holi Fusion Festival Partner.


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